Wednesday, 24 June 2015

3 Vital Rules for User-Friendly Navigation Design In 2015

Designing the website navigation is like setting the groundwork for your house. Failure to lay your base properly could put your home at risk of fall down, in spite of how good it looks. If you want to get most of the benefit from your site, you necessitate spending time to think how your audience will relate with your content, and understand the most instinctive way of managing, and representing it.

Always keep in mind, if you get this part erroneous, you risk alienating a great section of your audience.

Navigation!!! Is It A Grave Thing To Concern?

Yes! Navigation is a vital thing to consider when designing a website in these days. Decades ago, people only used to focus in the appearance of a website, but as the traffic of the websites increasing day by day, the user-friendliness is getting much importance over the appearance. 

You could say that it’s a central element on your website that lets your visitors to find what they are searching for without perplexity or redundant clicks. Proper navigation allows your website to be effective for the users.

Every website has their own styles and statements to show to the visitors. There are many things to consider for designers when crafting an effective website. 

1. Decide The IA First:

Getting the right content for a big websites is a vital task for designers. It should be done before starting the designing work. You need to consider the IA (Information Architecture) to decide how many pages you need, or what type of display pictures your require to place of the pages, etc. Designing a website before getting the IA is like creating the index of a book before writing it. 

2. Keeping It Simple Works Best In This Year:

Everyone who’s ever browsed a website can almost certainly agree: a navigation part should be as easy as possible. Over imposing the user with choices and jamming the navigation with wording is a bad thought, and will poorly hamper your website’s general usability. We can take Microsoft’s website as an example for it, and we all know that it is one of the most browsed website in the internet. Most of the Website Design Company in India is trying now the latest digital marketing trends to get larger amount of traffic from the domestic and foreign areas as well.

3. Select The Orientation Carefully:

Given that a computer screen is conventionally used in a landscape set-up, parallel navigation makes a lot of logic. Easy to place form design that is effective for the users. You have to create a website that is easy to browse from all types of devices. 

So much of the time it just feels more unprejudiced, less meddling, and simple to place from a design outlook. The orientation should be placed carefully and it should offer an appearance that is clear and straightforward. Make sure that it perfectly portrays the main motif and central theme of your business. 

Being the controller that manages your website, your navigation ought to be simple, predictable, consistent and most importantly well-placed.

Monday, 8 June 2015

SEO 2015, Part 2: Revised, Renewed, Refined, and Recast

The revamp in still on.

Hitherto, we have talked about mobile search optimisation, content marketing and the importance of social signals. Now here’s the second instalment of what’s cooking in the Search Engine Optimisation kitchen of 2015:

1st Part - SEO 2015, Part 1: Your Recipe Must Make Use of Newer Ingredients

Keywords should not be peas in a pod.

They need to be varied. Break the shell of picking singular keywords. The words you choose have to be relevant, true. But, more than that, they have to comply with the user’s intent.

You have to focus on why people look for things online, rather than how to make them look for things online. And, the mainstream is too boring. You have to discover the most suitable verbiage and the most powerful phrases to install the website on a top search position.

Long tail is staying. Rather than stressing out on a high competitive term like ‘smartphones,’ you would like to focus on a phrase like ‘smartphones with Android M.’ The latter will have lesser search and greater sales.

An even better phrase would be ‘budget smartphones with Android M.’ At this point of the search, your customers know what they want, and you are providing them exactly that.

The mantra is to be unique, and not run-of-the-mill.

But, how would you do it? How would you know what people are looking for? Of course, it can never be guesswork. Use online tools like Rank Tracker to find the perfect phrases.

Remember, you are putting in a lot of effort and money – right from content creation to page updating. So, make sure that your actions bear fruit.

What’s in a link? Co-citations and brand mentions are more important now!

Google sees ‘expressed links’ and ‘implied links’ as two separate things for Search Engine Optimisation. The former directs you back to the webpage of interest.

The latter, however, is not the traditional ‘link’ you know. In fact, it is a reference or a mention about a brand or website, which lacks a hyperlink.

Brand mentions are a better way to win traffic rather than the overly abused, conventional link building strategies. Google, too, seems to be happy with references and co-citations, for they are less likely to be exploited or manipulated just for the heck of higher search engine ranks.

And yes, do not underestimate the power of ‘nofollow’ links. 2015 is welcoming it will all heart. The future of every SEO service in India is soon going to get a huge change of course.

The other Search Engines are coming!

Google has been the granddaddy of Search Engine Optimisation all this while. But, beware! The other search engines, too, are coming for your website. Yahoo!, Bing, and DuckDuckGo might soon scrape a huge space out of Google’s pie this year.

And, this is slowly becoming so evident. Firefox has already accepted Yahoo! as the default search engine. Safari’s deal with Google is coming to an end this year, and Yahoo! and Bing are trying to exert themselves on the browser.

So, if Google’s the only search engine being hero-worshipped, you would soon have to refine your preferences.

And, there’s more to come. Let’s keep it for Part 3.

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