Friday, 27 March 2015

Scope of Digital Marketing Services in India

The decision regarding optimization of website is firm. But finding out the most suitable way to get the proposal take its shape is essential. The presence of surplus SEO services incorporated with experts have made this thing a small piece of cake.

As you and I know that the world is becoming a small place, the competition in each and every phase is becoming cut throat. Within this neck to neck competition online digital marketing is gaining wide popularity. Search engine optimization is now an effective tool for making dream of a real brand come true by making it reach at the top of the ladder of success.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Important Facts to Know about Changing SEO Trends

The modern age has become very advanced and highly developed because of the internet which has bestowed the individuals with the best way to find anything in their daily lives. Whenever you search anything in the World Wide Web, you will see a list of related results in the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

How search engines works?

Google has set some rules which are known as “Search Engine Algorithm” to compute the importance and purpose of a particular website. There are more than 200 key factors in the Google algorithm which plays a vital role in ranking a website.

Why is it important to appear on the first pages of search engines?

Living in this 21st Century, people all over the world uses internet to find various information and according to the studies, it has been found out that people at least search once in the Google before they buy any product. Search engine optimization which is commonly known as SEO is a special technique that improves your online presence, so that your website is visible to people who are looking for your services or products using search engines.

The Current SEO Trends

In earlier days, the formula for effective SEO was H1 tags, Meta descriptions, keyword density, title tags, quality links and image elements. However, the recent SEO trends have completely transformed. Now, the world of Social Media plays a big role when it comes to SEO. The vital elements of SEO include content marketing, sharing it in the facebook, retweets and tweets.

Things to Consider about SEO in 2015

There are several factors that must be considered when it comes to SEO in 2015. The following points will help you to get your website in the first page of the Google or other search engines.

Quality Content

The content should be informative, unique, fresh and must have the share options. Anyone can create content, but it is important to produce quality content. 

Inspiring and Useful Content

The content in your website should have all the essential elements that the visitors look for. The written content must be able to entice the viewers with useful information which simply means that it should be inspiring and entertaining.

The content must be perfectly fit into various screen sizes. Most of the people in today’s world uses internet to search anything. If your website doesn’t fit into the screen and the written content is not readable, the visitors will look out for some other company.

Relevant Page Titles

It is important to create a single page for every product or service you offer. Describe each page or product with unique and eye-catching title and don’t forget to mention the targeted place.

Contact Details should be mentioned in Every Page of the Website

The address of your company and the contact details like e-mail address, phone number and fax number must be mentioned in every page of the website.  

In conclusion, the trend of SEO is changing frequently. It is crucial to pay attention to the latest trends and new techniques for high rankings. 

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Points to Remember if You Want Your PPC Campaign to Pass the Mobile Test

Now when mobile device has become one of the most common means of advertisements, it has been noticed that in the year 2014, mobile search ad spending has seen a significant growth when desktop ad spending has faced a great decline in due course. Variegated researches have been conducted and it is found that by the year 2018, mobile ad spend will increase even more whereas the desktop ad spend will get contracted to a large extent.

The potential of mobile devices has now been felt by every advertiser and the scenario is going to be competitive even more with the running stride of time. Also, it has been predicted that the cost-per-acquisition price will soar up even more and one of the best ways you can thwart the drift is to make it sure that your campaigns are always upgraded for conversions. Now, there are few questions that generally come up when launching a mobile PPC campaign and you should keep in mind certain things if you want your PPC campaign to pass the mobile test.

  • At first, you should check whether mobile-specific keywords and campaigns have been identified or not. When digital audiences are seen to make searches on the internet, they seem to scout for something that is very specific as well as precise. One of the best ways you can start your keywords searching is to interact with your customers and let your self aware of exactly how they have come to about your brand. You must know the words that have been used by them to categorize your company and also, how they have been able to make a connection with your enterprise.

  • Also, you can take recourse to using several conversion analytics tools to get hold of the keywords mentioned in a phone call so that it gets easy for you to understand the language of your customers in a completely different level. Now, comparing your detected stuffs with keyword analysis tools will benefit you even more. Moreover, you should also know that how your customers are transforming their requirements into what they are typing in variegated search engine tools.

  • You should also check whether you have inserted click-to-call buttons on your landing page or not. Mobile users are known to make more taps as well as swipes on the screen. Unlike the people who use desktops, mobile users have to do more research in the limited space of the mobile screen. But, certainly, they want to be able to find information swiftly and don’t want to face the problems of filling out a form on the narrow space of the screen. Now, by introducing click-to-call buttons on their landing pages, brands can actually accelerate this procedure. Here, mobile users should be encouraged a lot to make a prompt as well as hasty decision.

At last, it’s very much important for you to know that direct sales are nothing but part of the mobile advertising identification. The mobile users should be immensely aided by marketers to regain information as quickly as possible. 

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