Monday, 26 May 2014

Presence of Content Based Websites with a Google Algorithm Update

Those who overlooked the need of the good contents are being pushed away by their competitors. Include the satisfying information and achieve a high rank with all Google Algorithm update. 

Can we overlook the presence of internet in our matters? Every now and then we search to know various information. But it becomes a pain when the search shows spammy links or antagonist websites. This issue was long standing. To solve this issue and increase the chances of the valuable websites, Google has introduced keyword based search.

The algorithm system

The change has been experienced after the introduction of Google Panda in the Google’s world. It does the simple task of filtering. Filtering is done by targeting the shallow sites mostly. It always directs the traveller to the highest quality web sites. Many websites function with the help of the different types of advertisements. But sometimes these advertisements wraps the site's main information and creates a disturbed attitude in the viewer’s mind.

All the good websites in the internet world are being fed by good information and data. This helps the searchers in the perfect way. But the searching becomes disgraceful when it leads to the low ranked websites. Google Panda was being introduced in February 2011. Primarily, it targeted the websites full of advertisements. This became a huge problem. Because many sites with advertisements are good with information also. The complaints drove Google to update their algorithm system. The first Google algorithm update was done on April 2011.

Panda algorithm boosted the quality of the content full sites. It helped to lower the rank of the thin quality sites in searching results. The latest Google Algorithm update on January, 2014 boosted the presence of the better websites in the search result in a better way than previous times.

Now the rank of the websites in the search results is being done on its content’ presence. The contents are the key ingredients to enhance the fragrance of the website. Good contents never misses the eyes. Contents should be clear and informative also. It must speak about the main keywords. Any creativity is unwanted during the building of the perfect content.

To solve any issues related with the build-up of content, Google has specified the guidelines for creating the contents. This specifies the need of the SEO based good quality contents. The algorithm system does not target the individual pages of a site. It disrupts the presence of the entire website.

The signs of the good content website

High ranks mean better presence on the website. Regular nourishment with the helpful, understandable content can attract the minds of the readers. Google ranks up those without any second thought. Keywords are the main element. It should be present for multiple times. Related links are another important key. Regular updates are also required to hold the rank for the longer time period.

Increasing demand

Every second a new website is being launched in the internet world. Managing them and finding the perfectly suited sites for the searched keywords are the most important task. This task has become easy with the help of the algorithm system. It brought a competitive atmosphere within the SEO based industry (

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Manage And Plan Your Resources Strategically

ERP is the one stop solution for database and resource management of big organizations like Multinational Corporations, Universities, municipalities etc.

The necessity for a software solution

ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning. It is software used in organizations to manage its different operations like planning, manufacturing and development of a product and finally its marketing. It is generally used in very large organizations as the small organizations can manage the small database manually. In a big organization different work is assigned to different departments which are correlated. So if one department makes a mistake its bullwhip effect is shown in the results of other departments. Moreover if one department is interdependent on another department for data processing and the first department is a bottleneck then it may cause a delay in the whole process. To address this issue ERP is developed and implemented so that all the work can be updated simultaneously and each department is liable for its work.

Accountability in reporting standards

ERP is a software base solution which helps to create and maintain database leading to more accountability of data. Big organizations like Universities which maintain huge databases of students and their records are the biggest clients of these solutions. ERP solutions for Universities are gaining grounds dramatically. Universities are very old institutions which are built to stay. They are the base of an economy as they provide the education to the future leaders. But to give degrees to each one of them requires a lot of background work which is done in their back office. These include maintaining a database of their personal and professional records. Personal records include name, address, contact number, parents’ details etc while professional records include the marks obtained the academic performance, the fees deposited, the refund to be claimed etc.

Custom built v/s Standard ones

ERP solutions are generally standard software which can be customized. ERP for universities are general in nature as most of the universities have the same type of data and reports to prepare but some universities still go for the customized ones because of their specific reporting needs.. The ERP software is highly dependent upon the company providing it as it needs a lot of technical support in implementation.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Domain Authority – An Inseparable Part Of Your Digital Campaign

If you want to be in the good books of Google, then you need to keep a strict eye on domain authority of your page and try to increase it to take advantage of profitable returns.

Domain Authority measures the performance of a website when searches are given.  This in turn affects the website’s page rank.  The 3 factors on which the Domain authority is based include:

1. Age
2. Size
3. Popularity

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Get More Visibility with Improved Quality Content

If you want to share a good rapport with Google and SEO, then you must give importance to content and write fresh and well researched piece.

Do you want to be friends forever with SEO? Well then, take the best possible care of your content.  In the present digital scenario, the basics o SEO aren't very productive. You have to be real and unique. Remember, that universal quote “Be Yourself”. This also applies equally when you sit to write content for your website or any other. The content should be your own and not copied or plagiarized. The written piece should reflect something which has been dealt with earlier. Even if it is a much discussed topic, it should have a different perspective of its own which is completely new fangled. All these are mandatory to have an edge and stand out in the crowd.

SEO is no more limited to just focusing on key words. You cannot write a piece of content that forcefully incorporated keywords just for the sake of it. You need to put them within the piece in an appropriate manner so that it sounds befitting. Google’s algorithms have made certain strict rules in order to forbid websites with spam content and those who shamelessly focus on building links. According to experts, Google doesn't like anybody blatantly advertising their products and services. The website is not maintained well and the content is not informative at all or is a total mismatch. 

Garnering ratings, views and getting high Google page scores, depends strictly on proper content. If your content quality is good, you are sure to attract attention. Basically, your content should make people stay on your page, navigate them, understand what you want to convey, follow your website, and finally all these can be turned to something productive. When an audience visits your page, finds it interesting and then shoots an email or a query, this means your digital deal is 90% done. The next phase is to lure the audience and invite them to take a closer look at your products and services. Once that is done and you sound convincing to your customer, you earn an overall profit. With this your reputation is built and you earn additional referrals.

The following must be kept in mind while writing content:

1. Balance your keywords properly
2. Use the meta descriptions wisely
3. Have a proper Page URL
4. If you link, then link to relevant stuffs
5. Your content should meet and surpass all quality parameters

These 5 important stuffs are very important when you start writing a content or marketing it. Remember one thing; if you are researching on any particular topic, then it must be an extensive practice. There shouldn't be any stone unturned when you start researching.  There must not be any unwanted mistake that becomes a barrier for the audience. For example, you must not use any ornamental or bombastic word in your content. This will not interest them any day. By using such words you will narrow down your readers group.  Use something which even a layman can understand. Whilst, you write something simply, do not forget to leave meanings in between the lines for the wise to catch your wit.

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